New Product Launch: VPress Takes Blog Platforms to the Next Level

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The nature of our work means we rely a lot on third party software to get the job done or better serve our customers. Since we began offering blog development, hosting and content creation services, this has meant relying on a popular open-source blogging platform, WordPress.


However, it is with great excitement that we would like to announce the launch of our own proprietary blogging system: VPress™. Mixing in the benefits of WordPress, other blog platforms and user needs, VPress is a step forward in creating a blog platform that performs better with the rest of the website.


There are several chief benefits to using VPress:

  • Easy Integration- VPress is incorporated within the VPanel™, our proprietary CMS. This means you use one login to access both the backend of your website and your blog instead of two.
  • Security- as previously mentioned, WordPress and other blog platforms are open-source, making them more vulnerable to attacks. While we have taken all the necessary precautions (separate hosting, top of the line security adjustments and secure passwords) to ensure this doesn’t happen to the WordPress blogs we have set up, all of it comes at a great cost.
  • Less Time to Develop- since VPress is easily integrated into your Forbin website, there is less development time, meaning you can get up and running faster.
  • Visual Focus- humans process visual information about 60,000 times faster than text. VPress offers ample space for adding header and thumbnail images, as well as images within your blog post.
  • Search Engine Optimization- our current process for blogs is to set them up with a subdomain, meaning the address is With VPress, the URL is, meaning you get a greater impact on search engine optimization than with the “blog.” subdomain since all of your blog content is directly on your website.
  • Support- most importantly, since VPress is a proprietary Forbin product, you don’t have to call an 800-number where you will be put on hold waiting for an answer. If you need help, you simply call or email us.


In short, VPress is a more secure, efficient and dependable blogging platform that will help to attract more visitors to your website. It has gone through numerous stages of development and testing with our in-house team members who worked on it to ensure the highest quality experience.


To learn more about VPress and how it can benefit your website and your organization, get in touch with us today!