Gifting Thanks

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In business, it’s easy to only see the numbers and the routine: sign a client, work with them on the project, complete it and move on to the next one.


As a company that works with hundreds of small and medium-size businesses that play crucial roles in their communities, we try to focus on the good that comes with each project we complete. As part of the VGM Group, Inc., one of the largest employers in our area, it is also part of our mission to help those in need in our community.


This time of year provides the perfect time to look back to see what good we’ve done this year. Sure, we measure our success on how much business we’ve done, revenue we’ve brought in and how we’ve grown. But success is also measured in how many businesses and lives we’ve impacted for the better.


One of the ways we’re able to positively impact those around us and across the country is directly through our work. In 2015, we wrote, designed and developed:


  • 46 websites for home medical equipment providers across the country that help millions get the medical equipment they need
  • 21 websites for small businesses ranging from fitness, restaurants and home improvement to VGM companies, board of realtors and the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber
  • 20 websites for community banks providing residents of their area banking products, carrying out community service and reinvesting funds back into their community
  • 8 websites for long-term care facilities who care for the elderly population throughout the country
  • 5 websites for orthotics and prosthetics practices helping amputees and those with physical disabilities regain function and mobility they thought was lost
  • 5 websites for community pharmacies who provide prescriptions, immunizations, medical supplies and everyday items to their community members
  • 3 websites for rehab clinics offering a variety of physical, occupational and speech therapy to help patients regain mobility, strength, everyday life skills and the ability to communicate


There are two specific projects we want to draw special attention to. The first is the B-Calm app we developed to help those with sensory challenges and learning disabilities. These include well known conditions like Autism, ADHD and Down Syndrome.


The app plays audio tracks with specialized, noise-masking signals blended into live recordings to help those with the sensory or learning disabilities stay calm, reduce stress and focus.


The B-Calm App from VGM Forbin helps those with disorders like autism and ADHD.


The second project we want to draw attention to is the website we developed for Access Day USA. Access Day USA is a cause dedicated to helping those with limited mobility. It is spearheaded by Evergreen Life Access and supported by home medical equipment providers, local businesses, non-profits, philanthropic individuals and government entities to help people – children, adults, grandparents – live a more accessible and mobile life.


The first Access Day USA occurred right in our backyard in Cedar Falls on June 17, with ramps installed by volunteers to give nine-year-old Natalie Olsen better access throughout her home, including two ramps to help access and leave her house, as well as grab bars and swivel hinges within the home.


We are absolutely thrilled and humbled to have been a part of the initial promotion of this great cause, as well as an ongoing partner.


The Access Day USA website created by VGM Forbin.


We were also able to positively influence our community outside of our work. Below is just a short list of the numerous organizations, community groups and non-profits our team members donated their time, talents and financial means to throughout the year.


  • Christmas in Walnut
  • Food drives for Northeast Iowa Food Bank
  • Cedar Friends of the Family
  • UNI Department of Marketing Alumni Board
  • Junior Achievement
  • Prairie Lakes Church
  • Boys and Girls Club of the Cedar Valley
  • Karsyn’s Krusaders
  • Helping Hannah’s Heart
  • Free photography for family and friends (engagement photos/weddings/seniors/etc.)
  • Northeast Iowa Brain Injury Alliance
  • Working with aged-out foster kids attending college
  • Master Gardener volunteering with community planting and beautification projects
  • St. Vincent De Paul
  • St. John Lutheran Church Endowment Fund
  • a golf outing that raises money for Cystic Fibrosis research
  • Volunteering in the kids craft section during the Christmas Store hours
  • Cedar Valley Hospice
  • American Advertising Federation
  • Cedar Valley Jaycees


There is no doubt 2015 has been a blessed year for us in our growth. But it has also been a fantastic year getting to create new relationships, help small businesses do business better and work with community groups to achieve their mission. We’re looking forward to great possibilities to positively impact more people in 2016.