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The DeVilbiss PD1000 is an oxygen conserving device which regulates and controls medical grade oxygen from a high-pressure cylinder * It is compact lightweight and can be easily fitted to a DeVilbiss oxygen cylinder * The PD1000 can be set to either PulseDose mode or continuous flow and features a built in oxygen pressure gauge * An oxygen cylinder fitted with a PD1000 oxygen conserver set in PulseDose mode will allow the patient considerably longer use from the cylinder than they would have from the same cylinder fitted with a continuous flow regulator * The PD1000 is battery operated and can run for around 200 hours from two AA batteries * The device also includes patient safety features such as a low battery warning light audible alarm indicating a pause in breathing and a maximum trigger setting of 40 breaths per minute to protect against hyperventilation * Small and lightweight unit * High-impact polymer case resists damage * Gentle 10 LPM O2 flow * Protected cannula fitting * Adjustable continuous flow flexibility * Easy change AA-batteries: 200 hrs. life (2 - 4 months life) * Field-serviceable reducing turnaround * Acoustic alarm when no breathing is detected (Apnoea) * Maximum trigger rate of 40 breaths per minute to avoid hyperventilation * Visible battery check * Built in pressure indicator * Dimensions (H x L x W) : 7.1 x 12.0 x 8.6 cm * Weight: 570 g / 620 g (with battery) * Power Supply: 2 x AA alkaline or NiMH batteries provide approx. 50 days usage (based on 2 lpm 20 bpm 4 hrs per day) * Oxygen Delivery Time: 5.5 hours (2 lpm CF / 20 bpm equivalency) * Continuous Flow Backup: 2.0 lpm standard; 3 - 6 lpm cannula fitting available * Savings Ratio: 3:1 * Cannula: Single lumen * Pressure Gauge (Built into unit) : Red zone: 0 - 500 psi (0 - 34 bar) Green zone: 500 - 2250 psi (34 - 155 bar) * Indicators - Normal Pulse: Visual (green LED flashes); Low battery: Visual alarm (red LED flashes); Insufficient battery: Visualalarm (Solid red LED)

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