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Seeing is believing that the Hybrid Dual-Airway Universal Interface does the best job yet of combining the comfort and proven reliability of nasal pillows with the convenience of a full face mask * The Hybrid is a unique fusion of technologies designed to be a universal interface for patients clinicians and providers * Universal design simplifies mask selection and fitting protocols * Accommodates all modes of therapy * oral nasal and oral/nasal * Built-in soft silicone chin flap is ideal for mouth breathers * Built-in chin flap gently supports the chin and keeps the mouth closed; eliminating the need for a chin strap * Exclusive design eliminates nasal bridge forehead contact and associated facial sores * Eliminates air leaks near eyes patient can wear glasses * Comprehensive system contains all sizes of adjustable nasal pillows and cushions to dramatically reduce incidence of improper sizing * One package contains all of the components required to properly size the patient eliminating the hassle and waste of opening multiple products to properly fit the patient * Premium headgear provides five points of adjustability to provide a better fit seal and increased support * Includes quick connect/disconnect buckles enables easy removal and application * Swivel tubing coupler to accommodate free movement and optimal performance during the night * Supplemental oxygen ports *

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